Packaging Machinery and Equipment


Packaging Machinery Headquarters

Busch Machinery is your single source supplier of a full range of packaging machinery and systems including: filling machines, labeling equipment, capping machines, bottling equipment, flexible packaging systems, shrink wrap machines, tablet and capsule counters, and complete packaging lines for the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Food and Beverage industries.

More packaging equipment is available also, such as, bottle unscramblers, bottle rinsers, liquid fillers, labelers, cappers, sleeving machines, horizontal flow wrappers, vertical form, fill, and seal machines, label applicators, cartoning machines, desiccant inserters, powder fillers, tube filling and sealing machinery, conveyors, heat tunnels, turntables, inkjet coders, printers and complete turnkey packaging systems. Additionally Busch Machinery also has a wide array of End of Line Packaging Equipment including case erectors, case packers, case sealers, palletizers, and stretch wrapping machines.

Whether your company is a small startup operation looking for a semi-automatic packaging machine or a large operation needing high speed packaging equipment, Busch Machinery can offer the right machinery for the job based on over 35 years of actual hands-on applications expertise in the packaging machinery and equipment field. Customer service is our watchword. Call us at any time: 520-777-3360 or toll free in the USA at 800-840-9573.

Filling Machines


Inline pressure filler


The range of filling equipment options goes way beyond a simple liquid filling machine such as a basic pressure overflow filler.  Filling machinery also encompasses powder filling machines of several types such as Net Weight Fillers, Auger Filling machines, and volumetric fillers.  And of course liquid filling equipment has a number of options too such as pressure fillers, siphon fillers, vacuum fillers, piston filling machines, and other types of volumetric filling systems. But even within these types of liquid fillers there are variations such as viscosity of the liquid, its foaming characteristics, or even thick or thin liquids with solids such as salsa, potato salads or fine particulates and abrasives such as hand cleaners.  And beyond powder filling and liquid filling machinery are counting machinery for tablets, capsules and softgels as needed for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, or more specialized counters needed for parts packaging.

Not only are there a dizzying array of types of filling machine, but just as dizzying are the types of packaging that need to be filled.  We often think of filling equipment in terms of a water bottling plant with the basic bottle, cap and label, but there are many other types of containers that need to be filled such as pouches, bags, pails, cups, or other flexible packaging requirements such a vacuum packaging machines (think bacon or hot dogs), stand-up pouches, or cartons.  To learn more about your filling equipment options scoll further down this page or follow this link to our filling equipment page.

Labeling Equipment and Machines


CVC-302 High Speed Wrap Labeler
High Speed Wrap Labeler


Just as with filling equipment, labeling machines come in numerous configurations dependent on the type of packaging that needs to be labeled. Busch Machinery offers numerous choices such as top labeling, bottom labeling, wrap labeling, front and back labeling, print and apply labeling, and sleeve applicators in models ranging from benchtop semi-automatic labelers to high speed automatic labeling systems. Among the types of labelers we have available are pressure sensitive labelers, hot melt glue labeling machines, cold glue labelers and shrink sleeve labelers (also known as full body sleevers). No one else can offer you the number of selections of labeling machinery as Busch Machinery with its expertise in the labeling equipment field, in many cases allowing you to choose from several selections to match your budget and needs. For more information about our labeling machines scroll further down the page or visit our labeling equipment page.


Capping Machines


Automatic Capping Machine


Busch Machinery carries several types of capping equipment including cap tighteners, automatic screw cappers, ROPP cappers, snap cappers and lidding machines. Inline screw capping machines are among the most popular models we sell because they are generally easy to changeover without the need for expensive change parts.  However chuck cappers offer much better torque consistency and can be configured for high speed rotary capping applications.  Oftentimes our customers purchase cap tighteners for retorquing caps after induction sealing (which tends to loosen caps), or for various specialty caps like trigger sprayers or pump spray assemblies.  ROPP capping machines use a blank shell and knurl the threading onto the cap after application to the bottle with special chucks that run the threads on the cap while rotating around it. Please scroll down this page or go to our capping equipment page now.  Please give us a call if you have any questions so our experts can go over your application with you.


Specialty Packaging Equipment


Busch Machinery services a number of sectors of packaging machinery buyers including chemical, cosmetic, beverage, food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical health industries. In each of these sectors there are specialty machines used in the packaging process.  For instance pharmaceutical companies need cotton and/or desiccant inserters, food manufacturers need vacuum packaging equipment, cosmetics often need special soft handling.  All of these various types of machinery are available at Busch Machinery. If you can't find what you are looking for on our website, please give us a call at 800-840-9573 (in the USA), or 520-777-3360, because we do have it available.


Flexible Packaging Machines


Flexible Packaging System
Flexible Packaging System

Flexible Packaging machinery also encompasses a wide array of products and industries but the common characteristic is that the package is soft (flexible) such as bags, pouches, drink cartons and other collapsible type of containers. Generally it means the container is formed from a single or double web and that it is also filled and sealed during that same process. Vertical Form Fill and Seal (VFFS) is the most common type of machine used.  You see its products in the form of snack packages, lotion samplers, loose candies, nuts, powdered goods (often inserted into cartons as in cereals, brown sugar, etc.), and even parts like bolts or other hardware items.

Another common type of flexible packaging machine is the horizontal flow wrapper.  Horizontal flow wrappers are used to package solid products individual packages like candy bars, health food bars, brownies, or even packages holding a notepad or electronic parts.

There are horizontal pouch machines that also work from a continuous web as well as specialty resealable standup pouches that are preformed individually and then loaded onto the filling and sealing machine from a magazine feed.  Whatever your need for flexible packaging equipment, Busch Machinery more than likely has the machine you need.  Give our staff a call today or send us an email.  We are here to serve you!


End of Line Packaging Equipment


EC-705 Automatic CaseSealer
Automatic Uniform Case Sealer


After individual packages have been made the next step is getting the products ready for shipment. End of Line packaging machines do all of that including automatic and semi-automatic case erectors, case packers, case sealers, bundlers (also known as sleeve wrappers), palletizers, pallet wrappers, plus all of the conveyor systems needed to transport the products. Oftentimes additional accessory equipment is used at the end of line phase such as Print and Apply Labeling Machines, or Inkjet coders to print right on the box.


Uniform Case Sealers


Case sealing machines are among the most common end of line machines, even for the small shipper.  There are several types of carton sealer available. The most basic type is what is known as a semi-automatic case sealer.  A semi-automatic case sealing machine requires the operator to close all of the flaps prior to pushing into the machine.  At that point the conveyor belts drive the box through the machine while it tapes both the top and bottom at the same time (or top or bottom only).

Automatic case sealers can also tape the boxes on the top and bottom, but automatically close all of the flaps including the leading, trailing and side flaps before taping. This machine and the semi-automatic carton sealer described above are what is known as a Uniform case sealer, meaning that the machines are designed for production runs of cases of the same size (uniform), and then physically readjusted (usually only taking less than a minute) for the next sized box.

Random Case Sealers


Semi-Automatic Random Case Sealer


Random case sealers are used when each box size can vary randomly, such as in order picking warehouses. In this situation the carton sealer automatically adjusts to the size of the box as presented.  Random box sealing machines run much slower than Uniform case sealers and cost quite a bit more, due to the extra mechanisms and time required so that the machine can self-adjust to the carton size. 

Edge Sealing Machines


Edge sealing machines seal all four edges of the carton after the initial center seal is made with one of the case sealing machines above.  Edge sealing is sometimes required for extra protection of the contents. An edge sealer is available in automatic and semi-automatic versions as well as Uniform and Random edge sealers.


Sleeve Wrappers and Bundlers


Sleeve wrappers are an alternative to case packing where the product is bundled together for shipment.  A common application is in water bottling where the bottles are wrapped in plastic and sealed, then shrunk in a heat tunnel.  The most obvious distinction of this type of wrapping is that there are two unsealled openings on either side of the product, often called "bullseyes".  For water bottling this is actually an advantage when  lifting a 24 or 30 bottle bundle as it provides natural "handles" to lift with.


Case Erectors and Box Forming Machines


Case Erector
Automatic Case Erector